Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's in My Bag??

Hello Suzies, 

Let's fine out..

 FABU satchel from the luxurious and perfectly perfect TopShop.
Pencil because you never know when you'll need to write something and then need to erase it.. Oscar et la dame rose is a book I have been reading in my AP French class that I actually need to return to ma prof.  Finalment est mon journal qui WOAH soz.. Finally is my journal which hold my deepest and darkest secrets (random ideas, styling ideas, and wishlists).
 Here are some various coupons I have been given.  The Creme coffeehouse, Chic-fil-a, and Bella Ragazza all of which I must use by the end of the year.
 Hand sani because germs are not allowed.  Absinthe hand cream from the Body Shop, can I just say that this is the best hand lotion I have ever come upon and I wish I could have a lifetime supply.  Powder and powder brush for when you begin to shine brighter than a diamond.
 I think my iPod touch is in here purely because I had forgotten that it was in there.  As you can see it has been well used and is still used because I can't plug my phone up to my car and jam.  My phone is playing the one and only, ever lovely Haim.
 A thin ponytail holder, no-crease headband, rose gold bangle, gold bolt bracelet, and two pearl earrings minus one of the earring backs which is somewhere on the art room floor at school.
 A lot of lipsticks because we all need options/ I put them in there and neglect to put them back in the bathroom.  I store them in this paper Lush Cosmetics bag within my bag.
 Handmade yarn from a Shaker Village, a watermelon Dum Dum sucker, and a piece of copper sheeting for an art project I am doing.
 The contents of my "wallet" which is actually a small cosmetic bag so it has been excluded.  EOS minty lipbalm, an Abe and eleven cents, a hotel key card from my One Direction concert that I accidentally kept, my driver's license, and my yearbook staff press card.
Lastly my bag holds my glorious car keys and keychains. The One Direction one was given to me by Leslie and the other is from Anthropologie; they were both given to me on my sixteenth birthday, actually.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and good luck to everyone studying for finals!!

Love XO

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