Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Dayz

Hello Suzies, 

Yorkshire tea is delish.

 Cupcake hands.
Prepare to jig.

The time when students sit on the edge of their couch, crossing their fingers while watching the local news, waiting to hear the coveted words, "School has been called off.", has begun.  Some students beg for snow, but then you have 'that kid' who is like,"NOOOO I want to have a long summer."  Me too pal but one unexpected day off of school is gonna be ok.. I promise.  hahaha 
I woke up to the sound of a "Snow and Sleet Mix" this morning, or shall I say afternoon.  I got up ate a tangerine, watched some OnDemand Glee, and then started my morning routine.  My routine consists of putting my contacts in; brushing my teeth; washing and moisturizing my face; applying makeup; and doing my hair. I put on very minimal makeup today just so I didn't feel like a complete bum.  
My outfit I am currently wearing is one that I would not mind wearing for the rest of my life.  My top/tunic thing is from Apricot Lane; it is very light and flowy.  My leggings- me oh my I adore them- are from Forever 21.  This is only the second pair I have from there and I don't know why.  For starters they are not very expensive at all, I think they were like 8 or 9 dollars, and just have a really nice sturdy feel, ya know?  I highly recommend them!  
On to the second picture..  This is a lovely present that was given to me by my wonderful friend Lesley last year around this time.  Makes me feel like I'm with my ancestors back in Eire.. not quite.  I recommend it, not highly but I recommend it.  My rings that I am wearing are both sterling silver.  One is a monogram ring from an Etsy shop, the other is a midi ring from Free People. 
Love XO     

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