Sunday, July 13, 2014

OOTD: Bindi Style

Hello Suzies,

Today we will briefly discuss the somewhat controversial accessory, the bindi.

If you have been keeping up with some of this summer's out-of-the-ordinary trends you most likely have seen many a-celebrities as well as average joes sporting the bindi- once the identification of marriage turned accessory for all people around the world.  I was introduced to this accessory after seeing Gemma Styles and Lou Teasdale wore them at The Craft by Lou Teasdale launch party.
*couldn't find a pic of the two

Inspired by them and other fabulous ladies who have worn them, I decided to wear one myself  today.  Mine was given to me by a dear friend and is very simple- silver and sparkley!
shirt: american eagle

bracelets: mom&UO rings: vintage&etsy

pants: UO shoes: H&M

Don't let anyone dictate your style.  It is your decision and yours only. Peace!

Love XO