Saturday, March 22, 2014

Louisville & Nashville Haul

Hello Suzies,

Here comes an all new type of post.  I love reading Haul posts, to me it's kind of a behind the scenes of new clothes and accessories before using them to create an outfit.  Having said that, I wish I didn't have to say, 'I'm not showing off what I can buy,' but I'll go ahead and say, 'I'm not showing off what I can buy.'  Soooooo without any further ado, I present to you my Louisville & Nashville Haul!

"This is quite a lot of traveling just to shop Madeline."  Not really actually!  Two weekends ago I met up with my best chummy, Haley, who I met through One Direction as odd as that sounds, BUT we do have many other things in common..which is pretty much everything else.  It was one of the best days ever and I can't wait to see her again!  The following weekend I visited Belmont University, as it is one of the colleges I am looking to go to in the fall of 2015, and of course mom and I had to sneak a little but of shopping somewhere! This canvas bag is from Forever21 and is perfect to carry odds and ends that won't fit in your handbag.

|urban outfitters|
1. $50  Jellies.. JELLIES, could we get any more nineties?! I know these shoes aren't everyone's slice of pie, and that's ok, but I absolutely adore them!  I think they are so fun and can really lighten a heavy outfit.  I also really love the fact that they are clear, which gives them a sandal-like look, but at the same time might be acceptable in the springtime and fall because they cover your foot.  I had been hoping to find these babies in Louisville at Urban Outfitters in order to try them on.  I was sort of reluctant to order them with the fear that my feet would be to wide to wear them.  Unfortunately they didn't carry them in Louisville, BUT when I went to Nashville the following weekend I found the Jellies, tried them on, fell in love, and purchased them!  So far I am extremely pleased with them and already have so many outfits planned for the summer!  One thing I will say about the sizing of the shoe is that the size is pretty proportional to the width of the shoe, so a size 5 in the US is very narrow and a size 10 in the US is much more wide.    2. ~$20  I found these floral printed harem pants at Urban Outfitters in Nashville as well!  The average pair of harem pants has fairly baggy legs, however, these Kimchi Blue pants are so baggy they sometimes give the illusion of a full length skirt.  They are out-of-this-world comfortable.    3. $7  Found in Louisville, these are hoes-like socks, by that I mean that they are very very thin and sheer.  They are very feminine with little pink flower blossom all over!    4. $25  You may be wondering why I spent a whole twenty five dollars on a wallet, but the reason is because I have been in need of a wallet for quite some time and a tiny cosmetics bag was not fulfilling that need.  This holographic wallet is a purchase I made in Louisville and it is perfect! 

Maybe it's due to the awkward period between winter and spring, but H&M was kind of slacking two weeks ago.  However, I did manage to find one thing.. imagine that.    1. ~$17 I bought this sweater primarily to wear to work.  It is pretty sheer and lightweight.  H&M is very good about producing very basic pieces that are easy to accessorize, which is just how I feel with this sweater!  Round of applause to H&M.

I know there are Forever21's much bigger than the one in Louisville, but it is the biggest one I have ever shopped in.   1. $18 It's difficult to tell because of the wacky exposure on the picture, but this is a navy romper.  It is part of the Forever21+ range and fits so much better on my lower half than the regular sized items.  On the top, as you can kind of tell, there is a pretty macrame-esque lace!    2. $5  I wish I had a music festival to go to this summer, because these sunnies would be on point.  I like these sunglasses because they have big lenses but not too big of lenses, also because they go right along with me current holograph obsession.    3. $3  Also hard to see, but this is a plastic chain link bracelet that is iridescent and will end up being the perfect accessory for many of my outfits!

If you are unaware of Lush, open your ears.  Lush is an all natural cosmetics shop that has stores all over and is also on line.  All of there products are chemical- free and are great on your skin.  I was introduced to Lush by an old friend when I was about 12, and have just recently rediscovered my love for the brand.  In Louisville they are building a brand new Lush store, but for now it just occupies a small corner of Macy's.  With the help of many of the ever-lovely employees, I ended up with a bath bomb and a face/body scrub.    1. $4 I'm not one that really enjoys baths, but I was very intrigued to use one of the bath bombs I've heard so much about by beauty gurus.  The scent I chose in called Pink, and I think when you put it in your bath water, it releases little confetti things that are interlace in the bomb..I shall find out.    3. $21  I'm sure your eye grew to the size of half dollars when you saw the price of this product, but trust me when I say it is worth the splurge. I will say that there is a $30 jar that has more in it, but since it was my first time to use the product and I'm sort of stingey with my money, I went with the smaller jar.  This product is so refreshing and effective.  I used it mostly on my face and am always pleased with the exfoliation of my skin. #likeababysbum 
As I said in my very first blog post, Nashville, Tennessee is my favorite place in the whole entire world.  Last week my mom and I traveled to the wonderful city so I could visit Belmont University as a prospective student.  The trip went extremely well, and I will be working very hard for the next year in a half in hopes of furthering my education there!    
1. $10  To be completely honest, I am sort of disappointed with this purchase.  It is a very cute ring, but the first time I wore it, it began to bronze, and turn my finger green.. errg.    2.  $10 This tortoise shell clock necklace was purchased from the same shop as the ring.  This shop is called Pangea, and it is full of beautiful knick-knacks and one of a kind homegoods, jewelry, and clothing.  I am very pleased with this time-telling necklace and cannot wait to wear it!   3. $40 Last, but FAR from least is my new and beloved red BU hoodie. I may or may not have worn it everyday for a whole week..

Hope you loved this!!

Love XO

Sunday, March 9, 2014

February Fab Five

Hello Suzies, 

Hello hello hello!!!! Let's get started.

Bonjour my little flowers today I have for you a pretty late February favorites post! In this post I will be sharing with you my top five favorite things from the month of February.


If you didn't know, I have a tremendous love for baseball tees, especially the ones from American Apparel.  This tee was given to me by my lovely friend Leslie as a birthday present. I have worn it several times since then and errrrrrrrrm I LOVE IT, it's soo soft!


No explanation really besides they were on sale, I wanted 1885 stickers that had glitter on them, and it felt like I would be reliving my childhood obsession with Lisa Frank. *heart eyes*


I kid you not I have not fully gotten over the brilliance of this product.  Standing ovation for Eyeko and Alexa Chung!  If you are a beginner trying to learn how to produce a winged-tip for your eyeliner this is what I recommend you start with. It is virtually a marker, very easy to use and sooooo worth the money.


I have been eyeballing this fragrance for about two years now, and on my birthday my parents surprised me and gave it to me! I say surprised because I'd never seen it in stores.  I think my mom found it at Sephora.  It has a very floral sent BUT also very fruity and warm.. It's a beautiful sent that you should take a sniff of if you come across it. 

5.  Right now you are thinking, "But Madeline there are only four things in the picture, I thought this was a Fab Five.."
Don't you fret young'uns, my fifth fave is a band called Disclosure.  They are a band from England (shocker that I love them I know) and they produce a very fun electric type sound.  Here is one of their songs that I have on repeat at the moment. 

Love XO