Sunday, July 13, 2014

OOTD: Bindi Style

Hello Suzies,

Today we will briefly discuss the somewhat controversial accessory, the bindi.

If you have been keeping up with some of this summer's out-of-the-ordinary trends you most likely have seen many a-celebrities as well as average joes sporting the bindi- once the identification of marriage turned accessory for all people around the world.  I was introduced to this accessory after seeing Gemma Styles and Lou Teasdale wore them at The Craft by Lou Teasdale launch party.
*couldn't find a pic of the two

Inspired by them and other fabulous ladies who have worn them, I decided to wear one myself  today.  Mine was given to me by a dear friend and is very simple- silver and sparkley!
shirt: american eagle

bracelets: mom&UO rings: vintage&etsy

pants: UO shoes: H&M

Don't let anyone dictate your style.  It is your decision and yours only. Peace!

Love XO

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Wide Eyed Susan

Hello Suzies, 

Woah is all I have to say. Actually I have a bit more!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wide Eyed Susan!  One year ago today I decided to start this blog with a 30 day photo challenge inspired by my absolute inspiration, Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter.  A lot has changed for me in the past year and I feel as though I owe some of the credit to this little space on the world wide web.  This blog has allowed me to express and share all that I know and love, and will allow me to do so until I decide differently!  I am somewhat disappointed with myself concerning the amount of posts I've posted in 1 year, but I will try to do better from now on! I swear it!  Thank you to those who read faithfully, I adore you all!
Love XO  

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hello Suzies, 

O M G it's finally warm outside!  I was able to appropriately wear shorts today and I don't know about you but that makes me unreasonably happy.

I found out that this is absolutely the best running-errands outfit for such a handsome day!  I woke up had a nice tea with an old friend, run to grab some odds and ends from target, and went to a cute boutique in town!  I also made MACAROONS today!!!  What a time that was.  It was actually quite fun, but every time I attempt to bake I am always very nervous of failure because it is so easy to slip a little bit when baking.   Messing up is ok though, because after all Madeline messing up with the meringue is not going to cause the world to implode... or will it.  Anyways they were cute and pretty delicious as well!

Sunnies- Rayban
Croakie- Lilly Pullitzer
Nashville muscle tank (!!!!!!!!!!) - Urban Outfitters
Shorts- Madewell
Jellies- Urban Outfitters

French bulldog earrings- Urban Outfitters
Pink ring- Mammoth Cave (from a sixth grade school trip HA)
Black onyx ring- Etsy
Midi ring- Free People

The opinions regarding these funny little sandals have ranged from cute to ridiculous, but as I say about everything in life, 'If you like it, go for it.'  After all, some were absolutely appalled when Coco Chanel had the "audacity" to design and sell trousers for women in the 1930s, and look what CHANEL is now AND we wear pants. 

 Keep life fabulous and kind!

Love XO