Monday, February 3, 2014


Hello Suzies,

If you couldn't guess by the title of this post I am VERY excited about the products I purchased yesterday at Sephora! ALLELUIA

Alexa Chung is  the definition of "cool" in my world.  She has done nearly everything that a girl interested in beauty, fashion, and music would dream of doing in their lifetime.  I first discovered Alexa when she hosted a talk show on MTV called It's On! with Alexa Chung.  I watched that show faithfully until it went off the air :( - sad day. 
Alexa has an impeccable taste of style and has become iconic.    Her attitude is probably her most identifiable asset.  She is willing to give her blunt opinion on anything and everything which I find extremely admirable.  If you are interested, her book is uber fabulous!  Furthermore, back to the beauty!!

I started out by applying a thin layer of tinted moisturizer all over mah face.  I then went and cover up a couple of spots with a little bit of concealer and finally filled in my eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil.. who would've thought. 
I then got a hold of my Eyeko "eye do" mascara and put 2-3 coats on my lashes so they looked at maximum volume!

Finally the moment I had been waiting for for the past 3 months, the application of the cat-eye.
Step 1: draw a straight line that looks as if it is just a continuation of your lower lash line.
Step 2: make that line into a triangle to ensure a retro cat-eye look.
Step 3: line the rest of your eye and try to let the eyeliner decrease in width as you approach the inner corner of your eye.

If you can't get the hang of winged eyeliner your very first try that is completely fine, it takes a LOT of practice... and if you can get it on the first try, girl you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize or something.  I do highly recommend felt tip liner, this one was and it is a life saver!
As far as my overall review of the makeup products, I have to say that the purchase was completely worth a mini-splurge.  I'm usually not one that would spend a lot of money on mascara but the mascara in this package may have changed my perspective.  It has a fanatasic brush that increases length and volume and results in a somewhat 60's look to me.  
Alexa has done it again Suzies!

Finger splits on the face!!x