Sunday, March 9, 2014

February Fab Five

Hello Suzies, 

Hello hello hello!!!! Let's get started.

Bonjour my little flowers today I have for you a pretty late February favorites post! In this post I will be sharing with you my top five favorite things from the month of February.


If you didn't know, I have a tremendous love for baseball tees, especially the ones from American Apparel.  This tee was given to me by my lovely friend Leslie as a birthday present. I have worn it several times since then and errrrrrrrrm I LOVE IT, it's soo soft!


No explanation really besides they were on sale, I wanted 1885 stickers that had glitter on them, and it felt like I would be reliving my childhood obsession with Lisa Frank. *heart eyes*


I kid you not I have not fully gotten over the brilliance of this product.  Standing ovation for Eyeko and Alexa Chung!  If you are a beginner trying to learn how to produce a winged-tip for your eyeliner this is what I recommend you start with. It is virtually a marker, very easy to use and sooooo worth the money.


I have been eyeballing this fragrance for about two years now, and on my birthday my parents surprised me and gave it to me! I say surprised because I'd never seen it in stores.  I think my mom found it at Sephora.  It has a very floral sent BUT also very fruity and warm.. It's a beautiful sent that you should take a sniff of if you come across it. 

5.  Right now you are thinking, "But Madeline there are only four things in the picture, I thought this was a Fab Five.."
Don't you fret young'uns, my fifth fave is a band called Disclosure.  They are a band from England (shocker that I love them I know) and they produce a very fun electric type sound.  Here is one of their songs that I have on repeat at the moment. 

Love XO

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