Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Weakness

Hello Suzies,

It's been a while. :/ I have big intentions, just you wait!
From now on you can expect AT LEAST one or more blog posts a week.  Mind blowing I know, I know.  I guarantee that you will see this post weekly, hence "Weekly Weakness".  In this post I will choose a product, clothing item, or something totally miscellaneous, from there I will evaluate it and tell you all the reasons why I love the "weakness" so much. Lesssssssgo!

Salt Spray
I would say that I use this stuff on a daily basis.. yep every day.  What it is, is salt spray, its purpose is to give you beach waves with out taking a dip in the ocean.  I have to say that I was skeptical about the effectiveness of it before I bought any of it.  The first brand that I bought was by Bumble and Bumble, and for the amount that came in that little bottle it was a little on the pricey side.  It was magic though!  After I had emptied my B&B, I was in desperate need for some more but decided it would be much more feasible to buy a cheaper product.  I went with Not Your Mother's and was not disappointed!  Being undeniably cheaper for a much greater quantity of product it was the way to go.  As far as which one I like better, it is a pretty close call.  I only found a couple of cons with the NYM, it has a coconut-y smell which I do not mind too terribly but it's not my favorite, also it leaves your hair quite dirty feeling and tends to fall by the end of the day. But for its price it is worth the sacrifice!

Love XO

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