Monday, October 14, 2013

Accessorize or DIE

Hello Suzies,


If you didn't know, I go to a school where we are required to wear uniforms.  A white polo and khaki pants/shorts/skirts, those are our options -hard to decide, I know!  Let's get real, for someone like me who just loves to wear clothes and uses fashion as a creative outlet, it can feel a bit constricting at times.  The only thing I am left to work with is accessories, and boy do I work with them.  Fortunately, since my "base" is so neutral, I am pretty much free to create whatever look I choose.  Some of my go-tos are: preppy, cutesy, color block, and sporty.  Today I guess I went for the preppy look.

Bow- American Apperal
Pearl Earrings
Necklace- H&M
Baggy Sweater- American Eagle
Bracelet- 1D concert band
Watch- Urban Outfitters
Black Leather Belt
Loafers- Dolce Vita


p.s. I'm learning to use manual focus on my camera, please excuse my blurriness. ;)

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