Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Sock Diaries: Chapter 1

Hello Suzies,

I introduce to you, the Sock Diaries.

I'm excited, but also a little antsy about this post.  I guess you could describe it as a lifestyle post.  I have never done one of these, but I feel like what it is about might help someone out there.  In this series, everyday I think I have something inspirational to say (because I'm such the philosopher) or something that I think might reach out to someone, I will take a picture of my socks; I will share my story while incorporating a touch of style.  Here it goes..
Where I go to school a uniform is required, so I try to find innovative ways to express myself through accessories.  Socks are one of my favorite things, love 'em.  I have collected numerous pairs of funky, bright, fancy socks throughout the years, so I guess you could say I have become pretty good with mix-matching socks, shoes, and jewelry.  But that is not nearly the point of this.
I started back at school on Wednesday, and I am usually extremely excited about going back, seeing new and familiar faces, and learning, actually.  This year it was different.  I woke up on Tuesday very nervous, with a knot in my stomach, school was tomorrow and in my mind, I was psyching myself out.  The latter part of my previous school year just seemed to be a whirlwind of disappointment.  By no means am I looking for pity, no, but it just seemed that nothing good or happy was happening.  I was in a rut, and that is how that year ended.  I guess the thought of school automatically filled my head with negativity. 
I walked into school on Wednesday morning with a couple of friends and was already feeling a little bit more positive.  The day began and the pros began to outrageously outweigh the cons.  Silence had been filled with laughter.  By the end of the day I was happy as a lark.  All along I had just been freaking myself out with nonsense.  If any of you ever feel this way, anxious or nervous or sad try to just breathe, things will come around, and you will be an even better person than before.     
Love XO

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