Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kiss my Lips

Hello Suzies,

It has been a while, I hope everyone is OK!  Recently I have accumulated a few lip products.  I have been LOVING them, so I thought I would share my review of these wonders.

From left to right is a lip scrub by Lush, a matte lipstick by MAC, and a lip balm by Evolution of Smooth, or EOS.

    Lush is a cosmetic shop, but not just any cosmetic shop.  All products at Lush are handmade, the reason for their claim to fame.  Unlike other handmade cosmetics which are bland and sometimes smelly, the products at Lush smell beautiful and fresh!  Lush offers everything from bath bombs, massage bars, and shampoo to hair dyes, toothpaste tablets, and lip scrubs.  On my recent trip to Lush I picked up a lip scrub, the stuff is magic.  Essentially it is an exfoliater for your lips.  The flavor I chose was Popcorn, since it is a sugar scrub you can indeed taste it if you like!  It has a very popcorn-y smell and taste,  very salty. Just apply the product to your kisser and massage it against your lips, once you rinse your lips will be smoother than ever! (I also recommend the Mint Julips scrub, it leaves a nice cool feeling to your lips!) 

     Oh MAC!  If you are on the hunt for a quality lipstick, look no further, MAC is the way to go!  I have be searching for the perfect maroon hued lipstick and found my match at a MAC cosmetics counter in Nordstrom.  This shade is called Diva, it is a matte lipstick therefore it does not have a shimmer to it, which I absolutely love!  As most other MAC products their lipsticks are VERY pigmented, and a little bit goes a long way.  What I have found to work best is to use the tip of the bullet to line the lips and blend that onto the rest of the lips.  Then go back and touch up to deepen the color. Et voila!

    The EOS lip balms have been going strong for a while now, so recently I decided to get my hands on one.  In it's cutesy egg shape, one cannot help but be curious and attracted to it.  I have be extremely pleased with the quality of this balm.  For me, I love the mint flavored one because it leaves a cold, tingly feeling on your lips.  I apply it anytime I go without lipstick and right before I go to bed.  When I wake up I can still feel it moisturizing my lips!

I hope this was helpful, I'll see you soon with an early fall/back-to-school lookbook!
Love XO

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