Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hello Suzies,

Leather Top & Flatforms

Sunnies-Rayban  Top-ApricotLane Shorts-H&M Flatforms-Topshop

I was psyched to wear this top today!  I have had it for what seems like ages and I thought today would be a perfect day to break it out! I like this top so much because it's different from a lot of clothes people wear where I live.  It it faux leather which makes it quite structured.  It is made of panels which support the fact that it does have a lot of structure. The shorts are definitely one of my go-to items year round.  They fit very nicely and feel very sturdy considering they were a steal from H&M at only $10- YOWZA!  Sadly you cannot see my shoes very well, but they are the BEST.  Flatforms are one probably my favorite trends at the moment!  I had been scavenging around for a black pair for a while so I was über excited when I spotted these on Topshop's website- I wish they would open another closer than L.A.  These flatforms are a little more on the mild side,  they are tastefully glittery black and have a one-inch platform, but I love them! "Do ya love 'em so much ya wanna marry 'em?"  Umm..

Lipstick-Rimmel Kate Moss 12  (the sun was very bright)

I spent this wonderful day with my best friend.  We had lunch and saw a movie.  We saw The Great Gatsby and boy was it incredible.  It was like nothing else I've ever watched, in a way it was kind of artsy in the way it was portrayed.  I'm reading the book for my English class so the movie , I think, will help me bring the words to life.
Love XO

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